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Muse-well Hill, one year on

Stepping out from Muswell Hill and passing through Highgate Woods yesterday, there was a real end-of-summer vibe, and I realised it’s exactly one year since I arrived in these parts (I’m still unpacking the boxes…) It was the last weekend of summer when I moved in and took a walk in the Woods for the first time Sunday afternoon, families, dogs, church bells ringing, the cricket stopped for tea… I felt like I’d walked into a Betjeman bubble. That’s not the whole picture happy to say that Muswell Hill is a nice but normal 21st century London suburb; but yesterday, in the late-afternoon sunshine, it once again had a kind of nostalgia about it. Maybe it happens once a year on this particular day?

Here’s to finishing unpacking the boxes and seeing what the next year brings!

PS Going on a bat-walk in the Woods this week so it will take on a different aspect again.

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Little acts of kindness

Little acts of kindness happen all the time, unnoticed, unsung. While I’m sitting here in Planet Organic, a lady and her elderly mother, quite frail, have come in: the daughter is asking her mother what she would like, they’re having a treat together – something simple, like coffee and cake; but the daughter is being so kind, there’s no rush, they’re just being together. And of course it’s full-circle – the child taking care of the parent. Spending time and simple kindnesses make all the difference.

Oh no – they just got settled and now there’s a leak overhead – water is pouring in and we all have to move! The only other place to sit is up some very steep steps. Ah, just when you want everything to be perfect, life steps in… But it doesn’t matter; kindness and togetherness are stronger!