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Travel the world in London

A sunny weekend in London! How wonderful! Some intensive Open House-ing (the festival celebrating architecture where you can have a good look around people’s interesting homes) and the Japan Matsuri with friends. What could be nicer? Warm greetings from this beautifully diverse city!

The day begins in the woods...
The day begins in the woods…
Long train running
Plenty of seats…
Sunshine in London!!!!
Sunshine in London!!!!
Yes indeed!
Yes indeed!
Wouldn't mind this little bedroom balcony...
Wouldn’t mind this little bedroom balcony…
Live here?
I’d like to sit in that orange chair over there
The perfect coffee?
The perfect coffee?
Matsuri in Trafalgar Sqaure!
Matsuri in Trafalgar Square
Sharing entertaining stories of Osaka!
Sharing entertaining tales of Osaka…
Let’s enjoy each other’s cultures & company!
Read any good books in Japanese lately?
Read any good books in Japanese lately?
All kinds of beautiful music
Music transports you…