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Yesterday was the 70th anniversary

Yesterday was the 70th anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima (Aug 6th 1945, 8.15am). Japan and UK were enemies then. How absurd it seems – and of course absolute horror was the result. Here in London there were several acts of remembrance – the floating of lanterns down the Thames from the Battersea Peace Pagoda, for instance. I went to something at lunchtime in Tavistock Square – London’s de facto peace garden, with the statue of Gandhi at its centre. Happily there were many people there.

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Strolling through Bloomsbury afterwards – sun shining, garden squares beckoning, tasty lunch in hand from the ubiquitous farmers’ market – I thought how insanely lucky we are to be here now, in a peaceful place: rather than there, then, or in a million other places in the world today.

Another beautiful thing – all the languages being spoken around me as I walked – like music!

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I ran into my lovely Polish friend (and origami-maestro) Justyna, and together we chatted to the artist who had been inviting people to make paper cranes in the Square after the ceremony. His name is Yozo Hirayama. He took us to see his installation of 1000 cranes at the SOAS roof-garden nearby. Children were playing there too and it was lovely to see how he softly passed on his passion for peace through more crane-making…

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