This site started off as an off-shoot of the Passport radio programme (currently in abeyance, but something like it coming back soon!!) – but of course it’s started to develop a life of its own:) So I’ll try to put up here various reviews, discoveries, travels, musings… I hope you’ll enjoy! Oh, and the title – as everyone told me in Japan, ame otoko desu – I am the rainbringer. So watch out if I’m coming anywhere near where you are;)

This is the facebook for Passport, though it’s maybe more of a diary just now


And there are some old samples of various shows still available here

Happy Listening!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Tyneside cinema – soundscape instalation. I ,too,saw this several weeks ago. To me it seemed like a soundtrack of work – which is no bad thing.

    As for the music – i’ve been listening to joseph spence, off and on , for a lot of years now. Is his best LP “Living on the hallelujah side” – including as it does “Just a closer walk with thee” ; “When the saints go marching in”, “santa claus is coming to town”. As well as being fun, and making us laugh, part of the appeal is that his somewhat degenerate style of delivering these hymns seems to be emblematic of where the Christian religion now stands in mainstream culture – all folk memory and superstition.

    1. Wow, the first comment since I started this blog! Thanks Mark – keep enjoying Joseph Spence;) By the way, the other day I met someone on a train whose grandfather had written ‘Santa Claus is coming to town’ – truly!

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