Totnes dreaming

Beautiful banana moon – above this sweet town of Totnes. So today I decided to invest a little more in it – I went to see a room in a house here, and said I’d take it. There’s no contract or anything, it couldn’t be more flexible, but still it might be so nice to have a place to call my own, even short-ish term. There’s not so many places in the world that are so smiley, so gentle; so active and aware (most of Totnes seems to be decamping to London on Tuesday for the Extinction Rebellion demo; refreshing to see a banner hung outside the church tonight with the words ‘Rebel for Life’…). Saturday I can go to Lithuanian storytelling followed by a 2-hour gong meditation… There are a lot of pianos around… There are people genuinely trying to live with compassion and gratitude… I really like it. Kindness, and individuality, are valued. Things are happening in the community – Pay What You Feel cafes, choirs, gardening – that really try to be open to everyone. The cinema, run by volunteers, is fantastic. People live in campervans and go wild-swimming in the River Dart. As I wend my way up the long hill that is the High Street late at night, looking out for lighted windows and signs of fellow night-owls still up and about, marvelling at the old buildings, the covered walkways, thinking of all the nice encounters I’ve had that day; I’ve taken to saying out loud to myself “What a place!” – and it is.

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