Joyous session

Lovely session in the Bay Horse last night, one of the nicest. Something so good about people playing together, sharing tunes and company. This is a good space, almost like being in someone’s living room but still with a sense of focus and occasion (under the watchful eyes of Sylvia & Ted*). It’s lovely how it works – everyone offering a song or a tune just as they feel, and each item offered up not as a solo performance but for the enjoyment of everyone else, to join in with or to listen to just as they like. Another grand thing yesterday was having a little audience – it was nice to feel that we playing out just a little, that the joy was spreading, it wasn’t exclusive to the players but rather there was simply a good energy in the room that everyone could tune into. Enjoyed some lovely, deep smiles with others as we caught each other’s eyes. Perhaps most of all I love playing for singers, and it was great to have the opportunity to accompany some excellent singers and songs. Oh and there were some fine tunes from Northumberland, which I ought to know, but didn’t.

*There’s a painting in the room of a couple on their wedding day. I like to think of it as Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes, but it seems everyone can have their own idea as to who it is and exactly what kind of muse they’d like to be looking down and blessing the proceedings.

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