Climbing up on Silbury Hill

Mysterious drive through the Wiltshire barrows and obelisks… Even though it wasn’t quite the Hill I was intending (Peter Gabriel’s ‘Solsbury Hill’ was in my head), Silbury Hill was suitably strange and powerful. I couldn’t resist its pull, even though the light was fading and I had a long way to go…


2 thoughts on “Climbing up on Silbury Hill

  1. Sounds a great drive! And you mentioning Peter Gabriel’s Solsbury Hill set Bill off on the lyrics. I’d forgotten how lovely and meaningful they are……Climbing up on Solsbury Hill
    I could see the city light
    Wind was blowing, time stood still ……..

    Rosie xx

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    1. I’ll stop off at Solsbury Hill another time, maybe sing the song while I’m up there. The city lights will be the lights of Bath… My plan is to write some songs of my own while I’m down here in the West…. xx

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