Let’s not say goodbye

My first reaction to the EU result – total shock. It seems the opposite of the way I thought things were going. It just shows we don’t know what’s really going on – things we think for certain or take for granted actually aren’t guaranteed. Values like tolerance, openness, curiosity, generosity, kindness – they have to be nourished and worked at all the time. Bad things can happen and good things can slide. I first heard the news this morning in a message from my Polish friend, who asked anxiously “What’s going to happen to us all?”. It is genuinely worrying. (And after this, what’s going to happen in the USA???)

I guess we have to believe that this result’s not necessarily a vote against those precious values that bring us together. It’s mainly an economic judgement, right? We have to redouble our efforts to bring people closer, through art, culture, caring, celebrating the things we have in common – we can all do this. Let’s keep positive and stay together in our hearts.


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