Monthly Archives: December 2015

December Days

Hi! Hope you’re very well! I don’t know why I haven’t written anything for so long! It’s not that I’m short of material – my notebooks are bulging with jottings made at gigs, films, cafes, airports… So many people are doing amazing, inspiring things – often in under-the-radar places, or even in secret. I’d like to write about them all. And so of course I end up not writing about any. Also having no deadlines – maybe the deadline is the writer’s truest friend. I was so lucky to get a place on ‘The Write Stuff’ course, writing about the London Jazz Festival – a fantastic, intense week of going to gigs, writing about them, discussing with wonderful mentors and great colleagues why we were writing, questioning everything… and also having to submit the reviews by a deadline! With a blog, you can always put it off until tomorrow…

Anyway thank you very much for reading what’s already here – I’m amazed that every day some lovely people are looking in, even though I haven’t really written anything new for one month. I’ll try to get back into the routine of putting new stuff up more regularly:)

Meanwhile, the sky is wintry, the last of the leaves are falling and London is starting to get Christmassy!!!

Wishing you a wonderful week – and talk soon