Three hours in York

Three hours in York – a lovely place for a few stolen moments. En-route from Kings Cross to Newcastle, I decided to hop off the train and have a quick look around on a gorgeous autumn afternoon. York’s small enough to cover on foot in a few hours, and it’s so old! I chatted to a San Franciscoan who’s living there but still couldn’t get over how people can take it for granted drinking in a 400 year-old pub – “that’s older than my State”. You can feel the layers of history and sense how important this city has been in the story of England – Romans, Vikings, Archbishops, a place of power. I guess that’s why the Minster, beautiful as it is, is so colossal. How it must have towered over the medieval streets and alleyways. Actually most of those medieval streets are still there – the Shambles most famously – it’s the land of a thousand teashops but still atmospheric. No time to join the wraparound queue for Betty’s, but I did get to take a train to Japan… (York’s great for train buffs!) And how pleasant it is just to be somewhere unscheduled, when nobody knows you’re there – you’ll get back on your train, carry on your journey and no one’s any the wiser – except you.

You can have a coffee in the station in the old Controller's office...
You can have a coffee in the old Station Controller’s office…
Stop that bullet train!
Stop that bullet train!
Empty Bullet
No passengers for Japan today?
Why are ruins so picturesque?
Why are ruins so picturesque?


Front of Minster - impressive!

DSC05262 DSC05268 DSC05269DSC05273

Complete Shambles
Complete Shambles

DSC05272 DSC05288 DSC05289 DSC05292


2 thoughts on “Three hours in York

  1. Thank you for many beautiful pictures!!! What wonderful places !!!
    I really enjoyed seeing all of them from Japan:) .
    Um ?! Sinkansen? UK ??Japan???
    I was interested in Shambles.
    It is just like a scene out of a movie.
    Lovely!!! Um ?! A alpaca ???
    I had fun time, Thank you for York!!!

    1. Thank you for your lovely comments! Great you could enjoy York from Japan!! Yes, there’s really shinkansen in York! (How did it get there??) Sitting in it, I could almost imagine I was in Japan and seeing Mt.Fuji from the window… Warm wishes from UK:))

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