Muse-well Hill, one year on

Stepping out from Muswell Hill and passing through Highgate Woods yesterday, there was a real end-of-summer vibe, and I realised it’s exactly one year since I arrived in these parts (I’m still unpacking the boxes…) It was the last weekend of summer when I moved in and took a walk in the Woods for the first time Sunday afternoon, families, dogs, church bells ringing, the cricket stopped for tea… I felt like I’d walked into a Betjeman bubble. That’s not the whole picture happy to say that Muswell Hill is a nice but normal 21st century London suburb; but yesterday, in the late-afternoon sunshine, it once again had a kind of nostalgia about it. Maybe it happens once a year on this particular day?

Here’s to finishing unpacking the boxes and seeing what the next year brings!

PS Going on a bat-walk in the Woods this week so it will take on a different aspect again.

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