When you come out of a great gig, the reverberations stay with you for a long time afterwards… So I’m still buzzing from Sufjan Stevens – following on from the previous posting, yes, I got a return ticket – lucky me! It was magnificent, epic, powerful – everything you could hope for. Visually dazzling (lighting, back projections); sonically awesome – a finale that grew to such a crescendo (including Nico Muhly blasting out on the Festival Hall organ) that we were literally shaking in our seats. Plus a post-encore mini-set that was almost another gig in its own right. And at the heart of it, moving, searingly honest songs of love, loss, regret and hope. A celebration, indeed, in the end.

No pictures during the gig (this was a spell not to be broken) but I did take some around the Southbank before and after, of all the weather we’ve been having – rain, rain, heavy rain… Afterwards, I hung around the Festival Hall for a little while, not wanting to let the moment go – amazing how quickly it empties and returns to hushed, carpeted stillness.

005 006 016 017 019 020 021 023


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